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    [焦點] 時間:2023-01-10 21:18:34 來源:人眾勝天網 作者:綜合 點擊:66次

    BEIJING, Jan.9 -- According to China’s Ministry of Veterans Affairs (MVA), there had been more than 4.8 million jobs offered for veterans in 2022 during a total of 17,000 recruitment activities nationwide as organized by the department. At the same time, the MVA had helped 420,000 veterans participate in rural revitalization.

    北京,1月9日 -- 記者從退役軍人事務部了解到,2022年,退役軍人事務部在全國共組織1.7萬場招聘活動,為退役軍人提供崗位超480萬個。同時,退役軍人事務部還引導42萬名退役軍人投身鄉村振興。

    Relevant person of the MVA said that a total of 617,900 veterans affairs service centers or stations have been set up across China over the past five years, assisting more than 80% of demobilized military officers to be reemployed as public servants and providing assistance to 31 million veterans.

    退役軍人事務部相關負責人表示,近5年全國各地共建成退役軍人服務中心(站)61.79萬個,轉業軍官80%以上安置到黨政機關和參公 單位,累計慰問、幫扶退役軍人3100萬人次。

    It is learned that the MVA has significantly increased the standard of pension subsidies for five consecutive years, and the basic endowment insurance of some veterans has been fully supplemented in a centralized way, with 2.853 million veterans benefiting from this.