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    By Liu Zhuo and Zhao Zhiguo


    Recently, the service members assigned to a regiment under the PLA Xinjiang Military Command were caught in a serious traffic jam when driving along the mountain road to a designated mission area on the plateau.


    It is found that a traffic accident occurred where two large-scale trucks collided with each other, resulting in deformed truck heads by compression and broken glass all over the ground. One of the two drivers suffered minor injuries, while the other got stuck in the cab and was in a coma.


    The accident occurred in a depopulated zone on the plateau with an elevation of about 4000m, more than 200 km from the nearest county and more than 30 km from the nearest police station. At that time, the temperature dropped to lower than - 20?°C, and there was no cellphone signal.


    The head of the mission immediately organized troops to rescue and came into contact with relevant civilian departments through satellite phones.


    The team medics carried out emergency treatment on the spot for the comatose driver seriously injured. After putting on an oxygen mask for the driver, the soldiers pried open the deformed truck head with the rescue equipment and carefully lifted the injured out of the cab. Then the medics fixed his injured leg to avoid further injury. To prevent the injured driver from hypothermia, the soldiers wrapped his head and body with cotton-padded hat and overcoat.


    At the same time, an ambulance vehicle in the military convoy marched from the rear of the motorcade to the scene of the accident. When all the injured people got on the ambulance, they were immediately transferred to the nearest county.


    At the scene of the accident, the troops properly dealt with the vehicles involved in the accident, cleared the road and guided the vehicles to pass in an orderly manner.